Services Offered

Brand messaging and content


So you've created an awesome product or service... now what? At Three Lions, we work with you to identify your differentiators and create powerful brand messaging that cuts through the noise, stands out in a crowded marketplace and will resonate with your target audiences. 

We help you find and hone that voice, ensuring it remains consistent and clear throughout subsequent communications. From web copy to marketing emails; press releases to long-form thought leadership content – we've got you covered. 

Media relations


Propelled by our deep understanding of today's expansive media landscape, and our strong journalist connections, we can ensure your story is seen and heard by your target audience. 

Whether it's  niche trade media or national broadcast, we've got the tools and insight to secure placements  that positively impact your business.

Media training


Not ready for your moment in the spotlight, or perhaps just in need of a refresher? Using tried and tested techniques, we work with your key spokespeople to ensure they:

  • know what to expect, based on the interviewer and medium
  • remain in control of their interview
  • are primed to navigate tough questions
  • successfully and succinctly convey the brand message

Strategic counsel


Three Lions takes a strategic and measured approach to stakeholder engagement. We serve as a brand monitor and advocate, providing keen insights and advice on how best to support business goals, take advantage of market opportunities, respond to potential crises, and bolster your brand.

Conferences and events


Conferences and trade shows present an invaluable opportunity for lead generation and media engagement. We help you to reach key audiences by working to identify the events that make sense for your brand, and securing speaking slots that showcase your expertise.

We also excel at helping you make the most of conference attendance, sponsorship and speaking engagements  – from cross-platform social media promotion, to on-site support and media strategy.  

Social media


In today's digital age, social media presence is a prerequisite  – not just for engaging with your various stakeholders, but for remaining apprised of brand sentiment. 

We help you to hear what your customers are saying,  and meet them where they are. Our team develops high-impact social strategies and platform-specific content that ensures you are the driving force behind conversations surrounding your brand.  Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram (or all of the above),  we ensure that your content is:

  • audience and platform-appropriate
  • optimized to drive maximal engagement 
  • consistent with your brand and its voice
  • relevant and informative
  • visually appealing
  • commensurate with your overarching business goals